Welcome to All Our Shoes…

This place was formed out of sadness in watching a world so divided become even more so. That sadness brought a realization to the surface for us, and possibly you too. A realization to the truth that we look, but we truly do not see. We listen, but we truly do not hear. We touch, but we truly do not feel. And we think, but we truly do not understand. All Our Shoes proposes that if we begin to open our eyes, ears, hearts, and minds to each other in a positive, safe environment, we just might be able to find common ground.

It is a place for us to learn about our lives, each other, our connection to each other, and our need for each other. It was formed in the hope that you all would partake, because we believe that every one of us has gifts or talents to share with humanity. We also believe that when these gifts or talents are shared, all of us begin to fit together like pieces of a perfect puzzle. Question is how do we bring everyone together when we are of different financial statuses, different social statuses, different cultures, and different religions? We begin by being open to learning about each other, by being willing to step out of our own shoes and step into someone else’s. For only by broadening our perspectives can we learn to not judge, and begin to truly recognize our own, and each other’s uniqueness, power, and ability to love.

When we are willing to take the step out of our own bubbles, our own chaotic lives, and slow down, we become able to recognize the many wonderful things humanity has to offer all of us. Here at All Our Shoes, it is our goal to bring all kinds of things to you. Be advised that there will be no subject off-limits. With that said if there is a story, a dream, a thought you have, or a topic you want to discuss, let us know and we will bring it to the world. So now we ask you to join us and experience life with us. Let us walk in your shoes, and you can walk in ours. In the end our hopes are these:

  • That we all begin to have a better understanding of each other
  • That you subscribe via e-mail or come back often to see what is being discussed and contribute when you are ready
  • That each time you leave, you leave having learned something new, learned something about yourself, and have begun to recognize your gifts that humanity is waiting for you to share
  • And Lastly, that we all find a way to build a happy future together