About Me

My name is Laura Standrowicz, and guess what, I am really just like you. An average, concerned human being wanting to be able to live a happy life and wanting the best for the future of our children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc.. Trying to figure out what to do to get myself off the sidelines and make this happen.

One of twelve from a middle class family from a small town in Massachusetts, I grew up a sensitive and curious child. My willingness to learn propelled me through grammer-school, high-school, and on into college, where I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Accounting. Since then, I have spent my life analyzing and crunching numbers for many different companies; large and small. After years of chrunching numbers, I finally figured out that the world does not need another number cruncher. It needs someone open, kind, and honest to start dialogs. So, here I am.

It just so happens that I also have been writing since I was sixteen and have been keeping that hidden from the world. Now at fifty-two, it is time I share what I have learned and written with you. And time that I hear what you have to say. All of us being willing to teach and learn, I believe, is the key to moving us forward. That is why I created All Our Shoes.

What is All Our Shoes? I think my welcome page does a pretty good job in explaining that. So I hope you have read it or go back and read it. While you are here, I would like to hear from you if there are topics you want to discuss. I will leave nothing out of the realm of possibilities. Make sure to contribute your thoughts and please don’t forget to come back.