Our Veterans and Today’s Issue – Burn Pits…

As Veteran’s Day rapidly approaches and we prepare to honor those among us that have chosen to serve, I would like us to give a little more consideration to those that survived the atrocity of war. My life has taught me that most war is about power and money. I am no expert on the subject, so like any other topic I will remain open-minded to other’s views. I want to refocus my attention, however, back on those who serve whom we all say we support. I question do we really? or to what extent do we? I know we on the most personal of levels, each support those that have served in our own families. Is that enough though? Do we ever really stop to think about the damage that is done to those who serve in war and survive. Sure we recognize those with lost limbs and other physical damage. Do we consider those whose damage is internal both physically and/or mentally? What greater damage can there be than to have locked away memories in part of the brain in hopes to not remember, not relive, and certainly not have to justify.

Some would say they knew what they were getting into, or what the risks were. Did they? or do they really? Oh sure they realize that there is a possibility that they could lose their lives. I would think that is why they are taught to rely on each other, so as to prevent that from happening. I cannot fathom though, that they even remotely think about some of the things they will be asked to do and the effects of what doing these acts would bring. Sure they are told that guy is a bad guy. How do they know that to be true? Do they consider that a person on the other side is thinking or being told the same thing about them? What happens when children are involved? I cannot help but hope like every other that one day there will be peace on Earth. Until then I will continue to weep for humanity as we allow governments around the world to use us as pawns in their quest for this power and money.

For those in my country, before we start blaming one side or the other for being the party of war mongers, think about this; In my lifetime, under every president, there have been conflicts somewhere that we have gotten involved in. Also factual is that there were nearly as many Democrats as there were Republicans in these years. There actually would have been equal amounts had one not been forced to resign his position. So guess what, an ugly truth war is an equal opportunist. No one has been better than the other in this instance, they are all guilty, and they all have caused damage to a faction of society that I myself really need to think more about.

With all that said, I made a promise, to a family I care deeply about, to bring attention to a battle they are fighting. You see a member of the family is fighting to survive an illness caused by exposure to open burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have learned that there are many others fighting similar battles; both soldiers and military contractors. This is a reason why I mentioned earlier that I am not sure, that the brave men and women that volunteer to serve, really do know what they are getting into. As I, myself, am in the midst of doing my homework on the subject, I will let you know some of what I have found and also attach links.

I have not read the book written by Joseph Hickman “The Burn Pits – The Poisoning of American Soldiers” as I find myself needing to prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for it. I have read, however, a book review written by H. Patricia Hynes; a retired environmental engineer and professor of environmental health in which she says the following:

“They are called “this generation’s agent orange”. The open fire pits operated on over 230 US Military bases across Iraq and Afghanistan during our wars there. Every kind of waste: plastics, batteries, old ordnance, asbestos, pesticide containers, tires, biomedical, chemical and nuclear waste; dead animals, human feces, body parts, and corpses were incinerated in them.”

Imagine if you would, that your job was to watch and maintain these fires, or that you were in constant close proximity to them. Now also imagine that you have to fight a battle to survive the cancer you received from its inhalation. Above is just a snippet of her review, but you can find Ms Hynes complete book review at http://truthdig.com. You can also learn more about the burn pit topic at the following website: http://www.burnpits360.org or check out The Burn Pits Documentary-Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/burnpitsdocumentary/. Yes there is a documentary, that people are trying to get into cinemas, to make America aware of what is happening to these men and women. If you, like me, want to do your part, maybe you can help bring the film to a cinema near you. It will not be an easy watch I am sure. The name of the movie is “Delay, Deny, Hope You Die – How America Poisoned Its Soldiers”.

I want to say thank you for taking the time to check out what is happening with today’s veterans and for learning more about the burn pits. Those of us who have never served may never know what the battle is that any one of them may face. So if possible, let’s try to show our veterans a little more love this Veterans Day and every day for that matter. And Let’s not forget to thank them wholeheartedly for the freedoms that we enjoy because they chose to serve and pay prices we could never possibly imagine. If we can help, lets help.



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  1. Wow! Great Post! Thank you for bringing this information forward. Hope others will take the initiative to read additional information from the attachments you provided. It is important for me to remain well informed and to keep that open mind. I believe even our government is under the control of very powerful, influential, and sadly corrupt people. You mentioned wars being faut for money and power. Those that have the money and power also have the CONTROL. The Fedarl Reserve ?? Military or non-military I sometimes feel that there is a commonality of humans being used as pawns in a chess game. You made a valued point in saying do soldiers across the ocean even know what they are fighting for? What stories are they being told by their leaders? More questions to ponder and fodder for future posts. I am grateful for your friend bringing this subject matter to light. I attended an Ancient Alien conference a year ago and a commonly asked question was when will we have disclosure. Well as I learn more and more everyday and continue to educate myself I am affirmed that we are in a time of disclosure. Blogs like this and the soldier willing to come forward and alert us to current atrocities to humanity is our awakening and disclosure. Time to step into our truths and begin a grand shift in our thinking and how we choose to conduct ourselves is imminent and necessary!

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